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If you’re already in planning mode for the coming new year, an important item to add to your to do list is ‘check my data protection and storage set-up’. There are many different options when it comes to how you store and secure data and there are some pretty serious consequences for businesses that don’t have their data infrastructure under control.

What are the Options?

The two main types of data storage are cloud (a digital option) and on-prem (a physical option). And while cloud storage and infrastructure are the big new ‘must have’ that many businesses are rushing to, there are some systems that are best left local for business information protection, for price feasibility and for integrating all your business systems. In short, both have pros and cons. What’s most important is that the solution that you implement works well for your business – not someone else’s!

There are many possibilities for different set-ups and which combination is going to be a good fit for you will take time and consideration to get right.

What Data do you Have?

The first step is to really think about your data and what you’re going to be storing – or what needs securing. Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) is fast becoming a critical service offering for many IT managed service providers. At Asta, we think about data protection a bit more holistically, not just as a single stand-alone service. Why? Because offering a consolidated solution, rather than just one piece of a large puzzle, gives Australian businesses confidence to get on with what’s most important – their business.

So, whether you’ve got thousands of customer accounts or just a few, a large or small network, video or audio data or mission critical data finding a great hybrid solution for storage and protection will give you the confidence in your business systems you’re after.

Why Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage – where data is stored in a digital space via a series of off-site servers – can be cost-effective, provide greater accessibility and ease of updating/syncing, and is more secure. The downside to cloud storage is that this is a purely digital solution – so if there is a power outage, bad internet connection or a lot of other activity on the server you’re using then performance can be affected.

When you’re considering cloud storage options, the Asta team will work through a rigorous 6-step process with you to ensure that the planned cloud solution meets your business needs.

Cloudjourney-Whatwedo Infographic

Why on-prem storage?

On-prem storage (sometimes called local storage), offers a physical storage solution for your data using hard drives (HDDs), external storage devices and solid-state drives (SSDs). The benefits of incorporating a physical aspect to your data storage are that you have great access and control of your data, and that you aren’t reliant on an internet connection. The downside of on-prem storage is cost, space, ability to share data easily and the risk of damage.

Where to from here?

The best way forward isn’t just choosing one solution and sticking to it forever. Things change, your business evolves and so does your data. Keep reviewing your cloud setup. Consider adding an on-prem solution for certain types of data and integrating a hybrid model for premium protection. Most importantly, consider getting advice from experts, by checking in with a team that lives data protection day-in-day out, you’ll not only have optimised systems, but you’ll feel confident you’re getting the best value every year.

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