Smart Contract Development Services


Smart contracts are automated digital contracts built using blockchain technology. They automate processes, agreements and transactions, removing the need for lengthy paperwork and human interaction. More efficient, more secure and cheaper, smart contracts are essential for any business using blockchain.


How smart contracts can benefit any business

  • Any business can benefit from the potential of blockchain technology. Smart contract development is just one way that businesses can make the most of powerful emerging technologies.

  • Smart contracts make the creation and execution of business contracts failure-proof. With guaranteed outcomes and operational transparency, this cost-effective and efficient process is reliable, safe and transformational.

  • Essentially, a coded, digital version of a paper contract, smart contracts are automated and so can’t be tampered with. Frequent manual transactions and contracts with multiple parties are now less complex, and completely error-free.

  • Our smart contract developers are experts in blockchain technology. We’re here to help you better understand this world-changing new technology and get you set up to make the most of it in your business.

Our smart contract services

We offer smart contract development services for a wide range of purposes and industries. Talk to us today about how we can get you started with smart contract development for faster, more secure business operations.

  • Asset management and tracking

  • Invoice smart contracts

  • Advanced payment digital contracts

  • Automated claim processing and settlements

  • E-warranties

  • Digital certificates

  • Smart contracts for digital wallets

Interested in cryptocurrency creation and management?

If you’re considering a digital payment gateway or a cryptocurrency wallet, we can help develop your idea into a safe, secure solution.


The Asta blockchain difference

When it comes to emerging technology in Australia, we’ve been at the forefront for many years. We’ve empowered Australian businesses to explore and exploit new opportunities like blockchain, cryptocurrency creation and management and smart contracts so they’re ready for whatever comes next.


Smart contracts are ready to enable industry-wide transformation and evolution—and we’re determined to make sure local businesses can take up this innovative new technology and thrive.


We’ve been a trusted IT services provider for over 23 years, but with our expertise in emerging technology—we’re now also your smart contracts services partner.

Talk to us about our smart contract services today

 If you’re ready to start using smart contracts or want to understand more about how this error-free, fast and cost-reducing technology can impact your business, talk to us today. Our expert team can give you advice, set up your infrastructure and make sure your smart contracts meet your business requirements.