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Asta is a leading full-service technology and consulting agency. We’re trusted industry leaders, who are committed to advancing businesses through powerful IT. Yet, beyond our IT acumen in software, web and mobile app development, our fit-for-purpose managed IT service solutions and our ground-breaking AI and blockchain technologies – there’s something more.

At the core of everything we do is our relentless commitment to people.


Asta has a Story with Heart

Our commitment is not just to our customers, but to our team and people too. Apart from the services and solutions we provide, Asta has a foundation story that exemplifies not what we do, but why and how we do it – that story is still a big part of who we are today.


Our Beginnings

In 2004, Asta was five-years young and was a steadily growing start-up. We got a call from a new client and we sent a young system administrator out to fix a printer. It was our first visit. That technician was our 13th ever employee (as it turns out, a lucky 13 at that).

Our tech did a good job, he fixed the printer, no problems and we got a positive email back from the customer. During his time on-site, our guy had heard that the CEO had some important reports that were due at the company’s head office in Japan later that day. From what he gathered, those reports were pretty crucial, and time dependent.

What we didn’t know was that as well as fixing the printer, our tech had proactively cleaned up the customers printer cabling and then gone another extra step… He offered the CEO a printer test before he left, because he wanted to be sure the CEO could print his reports and get them to where they needed to go on time. Three days later we met that CEO. Two weeks later we submitted a proposal. One month later we were responsible for Olympus Australia’s managed IT services.

Over the next six years, Olympus brought in $5.5 million of business for Asta and that company of 13 back in 2004 was now on the rise and growing fast. Not due to a proposal or sales pitch, but because of the impression our team member left on that first day. He showed he cared, he was proactive and he showed relentless customer focus.

Our beginnings and our growth and success over the past 25+ years stem from the relationships we’ve built and the many incredible people who’ve joined us along the way. It’s the little things that have mattered more than anything all along, not the business won and delivered – but the care we take, the integrity in our work, our lived values, our drive to be more – and to keep the little things in focus.

Asta Now

We know IT. And we’re great at it too. Customers in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore have been choosing Asta as a trusted, reliable partner for over 25 years. Because we don’t just deliver IT services and solutions, we continue to bring more to our partnerships every year.


We have the skills, experience and smarts to tackle and deliver solutions from the most straightforward, to the extraordinarily complex and leading-edge. As a business, our expertise has evolved alongside the advancement of new technologies and will continue to do so. We consult, advise, design and deliver for today and tomorrow because we’re constantly looking ahead, anticipating (and excited for) what comes next.

We hold ourselves to our values – every day

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