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Business continuity and disaster recovery

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Business continuity planning and disaster recovery management

A vital business function, managed by a CEO or audit committee, business continuity planning and disaster recovery management can be the difference between recovering fully, or your business facing a worst-case scenario. We’ll help you develop a defined strategy that sets out the ability of your enterprise to maintain a minimum level of capabilities during a breach, disruption or failure.

How will you recover in a disaster?

  • Business continuity planning and disaster recovery is widely considered as one of the top 2 or 3 major risks for any business. Without a structured assessment to analyse potential threats, anything from a power outage, a natural disaster, a pandemic, cyber attack or even major human error, could create a situation that disrupts your business irrevocably.

  • Our business and technical experts will work closely with your senior leaders (CEO, audit committee, HR and IT) to help you assess and understand potential threats. A series of strategies will then be defined to help your business plan for a successful recovery during a disruptive event.

  • Our experience in end-to-end enterprise IT management over the past two decades means we are perfectly placed to support you to mount an effective defence and mitigate risk to your systems, data and people—the core of your business.

Choosing the right business continuity partner

Having the right partner to help you create your business continuity plan and manage disaster recovery efforts is an important first step towards getting prepared. If you’re not sure how your business would cope with a major disruption or how quickly you can recover—with or without losses—it’s time to talk to our team of business and technical experts and start preparing.

Our team can help you through each stage of planning:

  • Analysing threats, disruptions, disasters and their potential impacts to your business

  • Defining a structured role assignment framework for departments and individual roles so responsibilities and accountabilities are clear

  • Communication framework so that everyone in your business knows what to do in the event of a disruption and how and when they should act

  • Recovery protocols for critical business systems, including power

  • Data protection and back up services

CIO expertise backed by Asta

The Asta difference

When you want confidence that your business has the right continuity plan in place, with smart, sensible strategies to protect and then recover, we’re ready to help.

With over 25 years of enterprise IT experience, our team has both business know-how and technical expertise to guide you through the business continuity planning and disaster recovery process.
Already delivering managed security services, including Data Protection as a Service, we have a deep understanding of how to make sure you bounce back when faced with a worst-case scenario.

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