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Smart Contract Audits

Smart Contract Audits


If you’re using blockchain technology, we can audit your smart contracts to increase your security and make sure you’ve got the right set up in place to prevent you from getting hacked.


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Avoid costly mistakes or oversights

Let us help you make sure your blockchain applications and networks are well set up and completely safe. Although blockchains themselves are highly secure, sometimes the applications running on blockchains aren’t. By making sure your code is error free in the early stages of design and development, you’ll avoid costly mistakes and vulnerabilities after launch (when it becomes a lot harder to make changes).

We’ll complete an expert review and provide advice and guidance about what you may need to change or consider today—to protect your business for tomorrow.


Smart contract audit services—save time and money

How We Can Help:

  • Comprehensive Code Reviews

  • Build Security for Your Blockchain

  • Assess for Security Vulnerabilities

  • Threat Modelling and Analysis

  • Strategic Advice for Your Blockchain Lifecycle

  • Code Testing

  • Incident Governance and Planning

  • Best Practice Security Solutions



What We’ll Do:

    • Determine Specifications for Your Audit

    • Run a Series of Tests and Simulations of ‘Real’ Malicious Hacks

    • Analyse Your Design and Documentation

    • Determine if Your Smart Contract Code is Secure

    • Detect Anomalies Between Your Code and Documentation

    • Highlight any Changes Needed

    • Provide Solutions and Recommendations to Remediate or Optimise


Smart Contract Audit Team

The Asta Difference

For over 25 years we’ve been a trusted end-to-end IT services provider with deep expertise in cyber security. We know how to keep businesses safe, secure, and protected with expert advice and safe solutions for traditional cyber threats.

And when it comes to emerging tech like blockchain and smart contracts in Australia, we’ve been at the forefront for years through our Asta Emerging Tech Consulting team.

When you combine our experience in end-to-end IT security with our know-how and experience in emerging tech, you’ve got a partner who is ready to provide you with a focused, expert review and analysis of your smart contracts.


Talk to Us About Our Smart Contract Services Today

Whether you’ve already launched smart contracts for blockchain based applications or other development, or you’re just getting ready to set up, talk to us today to learn how we can get you secure now. Our expert team will give you the advice and guidance you need to secure your smart contract architecture and codebase.


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