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How ‘Continuity Confident’ are You?

Asking and answering the hard questions about data exposure and business continuity plans, downtime and data loss can be overwhelming – the risks are confronting.

When you partner with Asta for your security and protection you get more than just answers to hard data governance and contingency questions.

Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS)

Asta Data Protection as a Service – keeping your most important asset secure

Data Protection as a Service, or DPaaS, is a managed cloud-based service that protects your critical data at an application or database level. The service ensures your data is secure: protected and recoverable. The complexity of the modern cloud, and onsite data growth provides uncertainty around your data security – what data has been backed up, where that data is, and if the data can be recovered. Utilising Asta’s AI and professional services, Asta’s DPaaS provides your business with the reassurance that your data is secure.

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Keeping Your Data Protected Will:

  • Drastically reduce your risk of exposure

  • Allow for continual improvement in understanding and improving recovery times

  • Meet security compliance

  • Help with mitigating and improving data loss possibilities

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Our Commitment to Keeping Your Business and Data Secure.

The Asta Safe Certainty Promise

When Asta is responsible for your data backup and data recovery practices:

  1. We can specifically protect your data, ensuring its safety, through our Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS).

  2. With our data protection and backup service in place you will be able to restore and recover your data more rapidly in the event of a system failure which could occur due to breach or attack.

  3. We will calculate your maximum operational risk exposure in the event of a security breach, giving your business leaders tangible insights to use in decision making.

  4. We will then assist your organisation in determining acceptable maximum levels of downtime and data loss should a cyber event occur.

  5. We give you certainty that we can recover your systems and data within these agreed levels.

  6. You’ll receive insights and monthly reports with benchmarks to mitigate your exposure risk and improve your guarantee scores.

  7. You’ll know that a cyber attack will not lead to catastrophic consequences for your business

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Be continuity confident through the Asta Safe Certainty Promise :
your unique cyber security KPI for maximum downtime exposure
and maximum data loss exposure in your business.

Secure with Asta Includes:

Data Backup

Data Recovery

If you choose our complete security service, Asta Safe, your organisation receives a consolidated, cost-effective solution. Asta Safe gives you more than security products and services, you get an expert team working alongside you 24/7. We are relentlessly focused on our clients safety – and ready to support your people, systems, data and reputation.
Educate, Protect and Recover with Asta and we will also include our Secure service, with the Asta Safe Certainty Promise.

Cyber Services

Partnering with Asta for cyber security means no questions go unanswered. Professional, trusted and smart services keeping your business safe. Discover more about how we’ll keep you safe.

More than Safe. Asta Safe.

By choosing our educate, protect, secure, and recover services we will give you a cyber security and recovery commitment that no other provider can offer.

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