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Cyber security consulting

Strategy, compliance and solutions.

Cyber security consulting services—strategy, compliance and solutions

Get confidence in your security environment by working with expert security consultants. We’ll ensure that you’ve addressed your vulnerabilities and are compliant to deal with risks and threats today.

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When a cyber security event occurs, how prepared are you to respond?

Cyber security has fast become a top-of-mind consideration for many businesses as the threat of cyber attack becomes a reality. It’s no longer responsible for businesses to operate with an ‘if it happens’ mindset. We know it will happen. So, it’s time to ask the question ‘when will it happen to us?’ and perhaps more importantly, ‘just how serious will it be?’.

Our security consulting solutions address your cyber security today. You’ll get a better understanding of how your teams and infrastructure will respond in the event of an attack. We’ll help you uncover how well your organisation can recover from an attack—whether it’s a minor breach or a catastrophic event.

With extensive experience in delivering end-to-end technology services and providing specialised, industry leading cyber protection solutions, we’re an ideal partner for practical, comprehensive and fully tailored security consulting services.

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Professional, comprehensive and smart security consulting

Asta offers comprehensive consulting services and expert advice that covers:

  • A review of your governance framework to understand what you need, your current performance and an assessment of your risk

  • Policies, processes and standards that you should have in place for immediate protection

  • Assessment of your people and teams for readiness to respond—plus training packages to upskill and empower staff

  • A compliance review and assessment to identify any gaps in governing principles (ISO27001/2, the Essential 8, NIST)

Asta security consulting solutions—what you can expect

When you want confidence in the security solutions that protect your business systems, data and online presence, we’ll develop you the right solution, not an all-purpose, one size fits all.

Stage 1: Assessment and review

  • Project initiation
  • IT security risk assessment
  • Gap assessment against your customised governance framework
  • Assessment of residual risk
  • Analysis of current and future state

Stage 2: Recommendation and solutions

  • Prioritised program of work
  • Activities required to close any gaps identified
  • Improvement roadmap

Stage 3: Deliverables

  • Management presentation
  • A threat and risk matrix
  • Assessment of compliance, including a Statement of Accountability report
  • Remediation planning

The Asta security difference

Asta will work with you to ensure every aspect of your business, from governance and policies to people and systems, is prepared. We offer significant security expertise and know-how alongside the experience of 23 years in managing enterprise IT.
You can expect our skilled and experienced team to work closely with you to uncover any unique requirements or gaps you have. This means we’ll be able to provide you with tailored advice, so you can make decisions quickly when a breach occurs and increase the efficacy of your recovery.

Your trusted full-service IT partner—now your streamlined security consulting services provider.

Credentials you can trust

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Streamlined security services you can trust

When you’re making decisions about your organisations security, you might want more than our expert consulting service. Asta also offers comprehensive security products and packages to educate, protect, secure and recover against security threats and events. For businesses that want peace of mind, our trusted security service offers 24/7 monitoring and a leading-edge Asta Safe guarantee.