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Enabling Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through Salesforce Integration

For over 20 years, Salesforce has been a world-leading Customer Relationship Management system designed to bringing customers and companies together. Integrating this powerful system into your business offers a transformational leap – pulling together deep data analysis opportunities with unique personalisation. Our expert team can design a fully-customised integration of this powerful system for you, covering all your requirements – and more.

Analyzing CRM through Salesforce Integration

Designing a Customised Salesforce Integration

As an experienced provider of end-to-end technology solutions, Asta are an ideal partner when it comes to customising and integrating a complex new system into your existing infrastructure.

What is Salesforce?

The Salesforce CRM software is the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management platform. The Salesforce ecosystem has grown rapidly over two decades and incorporates a sophisticated architecture for managing customers with a range of cloud-based apps and is full of features that no other CRM system can offer.

Providing a deep view of every customer, the Salesforce system aims to allow small, medium and large organisations to uncover untapped insights for sales and marketing. Allowing for rich personalisation across every touchpoint in the sales journey from advertising and lead capture, through nurturing leads and conversion.

It is a system like no other.


Salesforce helps you understand your customers and manage customer relationships by:

  • Integrating into your website to build a greater understanding of your customer’s online behaviour

  • Providing workflow, task management and planning tools to get the most from your sales and marketing teams

  • Delivering powerful analytics and dashboards for sales forecasting, lead monitoring performance reporting

  • Integrating with your Shopping Cart tools for better insight into buying behaviour


Why a Customised Salesforce Integration is So Important

Salesforce is a unique and powerful platform. Whether you’re moving from a different CRM system to Salesforce or integrating a CRM into your business for the first time, working with a trusted technology partner is essential to a successful integration. Asta is well placed to deliver Salesforce integration solutions to businesses of all sizes. We are experts in building smart, customised technology solutions to meet a range of purposes – from network customisation to cloud services, application and web development to emerging technology consulting and delivery. For your Salesforce integration, Asta will:


  • Work closely with you to understand your unique business requirements from end-to-end
  • Ensure that your current environment can handle today’s data requirements, while being flexible enough for future growth
  • Transition your current database or CRM system to Salesforce
  • Provide services and solutions that cover procedures, tools, and administration of your platform and provide post-integration service and support
  • Make sure your CRM is always operating at its peak, we’ll continuously monitor overall performance for reliability, security and efficiency


Looking for salesforce Integration

Offering CRM Know-How Backed by Deep Technology Experience

Asta are known as a trusted partner for IT, serving global organisations for over two decades. For new and current clients, we can build and link Salesforce into your systems. Including

  • Your websites
  • Your security monitoring
  • Your business systems
  • Your CRM and database
  • Setting up and linking shopping carts and order requests
  • Shopping cart integration, capabilities and management

If you’re interested in developing your online sales capability further to make the most of your Salesforce integrations, we can also assist with e-commerce development.


With our depth of expertise across consulting, integration and testing, we can provide you with custom-fit solutions to enable and enhance your business. We’ll work with you to develop the right solution and minimise friction for your service offerings, making sure your systems, data and customer relationships align.

You can expect our skilled and experienced team to work closely with you to uncover any unique requirements or gaps you have and then provide you with tailored advice for a solution designed specifically for your business.


Aligning CRM across Devices

The Asta Development Difference

Asta offers business technology consulting alongside the experience of 25 years in managing enterprise IT. We are committed to working with you to ensure every aspect of your business – from governance and policies to people and systems, is prepared for today and tomorrow.

  • We understand your entire business environment end-to-end
  • We’ve delivered the solutions for enterprise clients and global organisations
  • We offer customised development of Salesforce infrastructure
  • Post-integration service management is also available
  • We can deliver security monitoring of Salesforce through our security technology partners.


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