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Cryptocurrency creation and management


As digital currencies continue to expand and become more mainstream, secure solutions for creating and managing cryptocurrencies are essential. If you’re considering a digital payment gateway or a cryptocurrency wallet, we can help develop your idea into a safe, secure solution.


Custom cryptocurrency services

Individuals, organisations and even places can create their own digital currencies for a wide range of uses—buying and selling goods and services, use them for investment or trade them to make a profit. Owning cryptocurrency, having a crypto wallet or setting up a secure payment gateway will continue to become more popular as the emerging technologies of blockchain and cryptos evolve.

Our cryptocurrency experts are designers, engineers and programmers and will work closely with you to understand exactly what you need and how to best set you up to leverage the opportunities that digital currencies provide.

Driving your competitive digital future

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

We’ll set up your custom cryptocurrency wallet and design and develop the architecture to underpin it.

Blockchain Token Creation

Experienced in creating blockchain tokens for organisations, we can advise and develop your tokens to gain a competitive advantage.

Secure Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

We’ll create a bespoke or white label digital currency payment gateway to enable cryptocurrency transactions for your business.

Tailored Cryptocurrency Exchange

Having a cryptocurrency exchange will allow you to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies in real-time.

The Asta cryptocurrency difference

We’ve been driving emerging technology in Australia for many years to empower Australian businesses to explore and exploit new opportunities. Digital currencies are already causing major change globally, and we’re determined to make sure businesses can take up this innovative new technology to transform and evolve.


We’ve been a trusted IT services provider for over 25 years, but with our expertise in emerging technology—we’re now also your cryptocurrency services partner.

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If you’re ready to set up your crypto wallet, develop a secure payment gateway or have an idea for a custom cryptocurrency token, talk to us today. Our expert team can give you advice, set up your infrastructure and ensure your digital currency projects are successful.

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