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Whether you are just starting out with cloud technologies or already have a cloud solution in place, we’ll ensure your business is working with the most optimised system setup for employee ease of use while ensuring proper cybersecurity practices are in place.

Our cloud strategy consulting services, reviews your cloud setup, cloud health, and permissions for your documents, files, operations and more

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What are Cloud Consulting Services?

Cloud consulting services include the advising of businesses on their cloud computing, cloud storage and cloud system setups. Cloud strategy consulting ensures your business has the right setup for now and into the future, ensuring scalability, adding or changing of business software, and making the most of the latest technology advancements.

The Benefits for Your Business

  • Accelerates business innovation with agility implementing new technologies and software.
  • Cost effective implementation reduces organisational costs.
  • Continuous monitoring solutions to significantly reduce cybersecurity risk for your business.


Do You Have the Cloud that’s Right for You?

Cloud offers many great benefits—serious cost reduction and greater flexibility to accelerate innovation. But do you have the right configuration, the right governance and the right cloud security in place to make the most of what you’ve got?
Having the best solutions in place for now, with tomorrow in mind, will put you ahead. Our team includes cloud experts who have been deeply involved in defining, developing and implementing public and private cloud solutions for over ten years.
Our focus is making sure your business has the right total cloud strategy, not a one-size fits all plugin.

Cloud Readiness and Fit

There are so many cloud choices available today and each will independently add significant value—if you make the right choices. We’ll help you understand those choices and make an informed decision.

Cloud Optimisation

The scale of many cloud solutions often means there are aspects you’re paying for that you aren’t using or don’t need. We’ll advise you on how to reduce costs, improve security, accelerate innovation, and get the most out of your system setup. We’ll assess your current setup and help maximise the power of the cloud for your business.


Cloud Security Maturity

Our core focus is always on your enterprise application security, how they integrate and the potential vulnerabilities they may have. We’ll work closely with your team on your transition from infrastructure and platform services to cloud or a hybrid solution, ensuring your business is safe and secure.


Cloud consulting for any stage

New to Cloud?

Our six-step cloud journey can have you set up and ready to make the most of the cloud in 4 weeks:

  1. Determine your business objectives
  2. Analyse your current IT capability, capacity and risk
  3. Measure your cloud hosting
  4. Develop your business cloud journey strategy
  5. Recommend the right cloud solution, fit for your business
  6. Review cloud strategy implementation

Already have a Cloud Solution in Place?

Talk to an Asta cloud expert about whether you are getting the most from your cloud strategy, review your setup and discover the potential features you could include to optimise your business operations.


The Asta Cloud Difference

Asta will work with you to ensure every aspect of your cloud service, from governance and policies to infrastructure and systems, is fully prepared. We offer expert cloud advice backed by the experience of over 25 years in managing enterprise IT.

You can expect our skilled and experienced cloud experts to work closely with you to uncover any unique requirements or gaps you have. This means we’ll be able to provide you with tailored advice to make sure you’re getting the most from your cloud solution.

Your trusted full-service IT partner—now your streamlined cloud services provider.

Complete Solutions

At Asta, we have a depth of cloud computing consulting expertise that will enhance and protect your business end-to-end. Taking an enterprise view will get you’re a better result now, while future-proofing your cloud infrastructure.


Your Trusted Partner

When you choose to partner with us for cloud advice, optimisation or cloud journey, you’ll get technical expertise and outstanding service. We relentlessly pursue client satisfaction, so you’re empowered to get on with your business.

A Step Ahead

We offer over 24 years experience in end-to-end managed IT services and specialist technology consulting. Our team knows IT, and we know enterprise environments—you get the benefit of forward thinking to future-proof your business now.

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