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Managed network services and solutions

When you need a completely tailored network solution that combines the best advice, the right architecture, plus expert set up and ongoing support, we’re here to cover all your requirements—and more. With two decades of network management experience behind us, our team are your trusted partner, whatever stage your business (or network) is at.

Customised network management

So you can focus on your business and not your systems, we provide expert end-to-end managed network services. Using the latest technology to simplify your network infrastructure we’ll make sure your network can handle your data requirements today, while being flexible enough for future growth.

We’ll provide services and solutions that cover procedures, tools, and administration, managing and maintaining your network. We make sure your network is always operating at its peak, and continuously monitor overall performance for reliability, security and efficiency.

Introducing cyber security that protects more than just systems

No other cyber security offering in Australia will give you a commitment to safety that Asta will.

  • Network Technical Audit to Assess Your Current Solutions

  • Design and Implementation of Upgrades and Improvements

  • Set Up and Configuration

  • Business Continuity Planning and Support for Risk Mitigation

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Security and Protection for Your Network

  • Continuous Monitoring and Performance Management Alerts for Hardware and Software

  • Installation of Critical Updates

  • Dedicated Network Support

Working On IT Services

The Asta managed network difference

Partnering with us for your network services and solutions means you get professional, trusted and smart services keeping your IT performing at its best.
For over 25 years we’ve been a trusted end-to-end enterprise IT services provider, keeping businesses safe, secure, and powering their IT forward with expert advice and smart solutions.

Cost Effective and Reliable Service

Offering everything you need for an end-to-end network solution without the overheads of in-house management.

Customised Network Solutions

Our team of network experts will work with you to understand your unique situation, then design and deliver a tailored service.

The Right Technology for You

We partner with industry-leaders and will recommend the best tools and technologies available to help you meet your IT—and business—objectives.

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