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Private blockchain network advice, development and management

If you want complete oversight and control over who can participate in your blockchain network, then a private blockchain may be the solution for you. We have the knowledge and experience to advise you on whether a private network is right for you—and if it is, we can design the architecture, build your internal network and then provide ongoing support and management.

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What’s the difference between public blockchain and private blockchain?

  • The essence of blockchain technology is that it is a decentralised, open and transparent record of digital assets. Blockchain networks exist in many ways—as public and open, public and closed, private and open, and private and closed. Public blockchains are built using public infrastructure and are open to be found and joined. Private networks control who is allowed to participate and engage with that blockchain.

  • A private blockchain solution is invitation-only and governed by a single organisation. As the owner of a private blockchain, you’ll need to provide permission to anyone you want to read, write or audit your network. Organisations that deal with commercial contracts, auditing, or keep significant personal information and data would benefit from a private blockchain environment.

How a private blockchain can work for you

  • Private blockchains are more cost-effective, faster and more efficient than public blockchains, which often require more effort to validate transactions.

  • If your business is already using distributed ledger technologies (DLT), a private blockchain can boost your privacy and give you more control.

  • A private blockchain won’t suit every business or even every industry. Custom designed private networks work particularly well for finance, insurance and government clients.

  • When you have a single organisation, with known and trusted pre-approved individuals participating in the network, data and transactions are more secure.

The Asta blockchain difference

Our team have serious experience with emerging technologies like blockchain. We’re a ready and able blockchain services provider and we’ll work closely with you to make sure your organisation has the blockchain solution that’s the right fit—not just any fit.

  • Advice and Understanding

    We’ll develop an enterprise view of your organisation to work out what’s the right solution for you.

  • Architecture Development

    Once you’ve decided on your network, we’ll develop a leading-edge platform and environment to meet and future proof your blockchain requirements.

  • Building Your Internal Solution

    Our team of expert blockchain developers will custom build your solution using the technology and tools that match your needs.

  • Ongoing Maintenance and Management

    As a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) provider, we are experienced in monitoring and administering blockchain networks—both public and private.

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