ICT as a Service

When you want tailored IT services that are the right size, fit, and budget for your business, we’re ready to help you find exactly what you need. We’ll customise a range of services, without the fuss and cost of extras you don’t need, so you can move your business forward with certainty.

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IT Services Cost Analyses

Are your IT services costing you?

Our clients use customised managed IT services on a pay as you go basis for many reasons—perhaps you’re going through restructure or transformation, looking to reduce your balance sheet or you’re a small business and don’t need the overhead of ongoing IT resources.

Whatever the reason, ICT as a Service is a sensible and flexible option that means you:

  • Get tailored and bespoke IT services based on your business circumstances

  • Will have certainty of budget and control over your IT costs

  • Gain the expertise and experience of a ‘big’ IT department without having to manage anything yourself

End-to-end IT services from an Australian IT leader

  • We’re one of the only Australian IT businesses offering a true breadth and depth of tailored IT services—and we do this because we believe that good IT should be available to all businesses, big or small, start-up or established. We are passionate about enterprise-wide solutions, so we take a holistic top-to-bottom and side-to-side view of your business before we recommend a customised package of services that suit your needs.

  • When you’re unsure what you need, or you want the confidence that you’re not paying for things you don’t need, we work closely with you, completing a full business audit, so you understand exactly what you’re getting—and why.

A breadth and depth of IT services for your business

Our ICT as a Service Offerings Include Managed IT Services Such As:

  • Software Selection and Management

  • Hardware Selection and Management

  • IT Service Management and Support

  • Asset Management

  • Licensing

  • Data Protection

  • Backups

  • IT Procurement

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The Asta managed IT difference

For over 25 years we’ve delivered customised IT managed services and solutions to Australian businesses.
Our professional team of technical and business experts has the know-how to make sure your business has the right mix of hardware, software, support and protection to thrive today, while keeping your future needs in mind.

  • Certainty and Transparency

    We make sure you understand exactly what IT services you’re getting—and why. Plus, you’ll know all your IT costs upfront so you can forward plan.

  • IT That’s Right for You

    We don’t deliver one-size fits all services or solutions, our tailored and bespoke approach allows for flexibility based on business circumstances.

  • Struggling with IT Budget?

    Using ICT as a Service means you’ll get exactly what you need and for the cost that’s right for you—no more, no less. You’ll be able to invest saved resources into other areas of your business.

  • End-to-End for Better Results

    We always take an end-to-end view of any service or solution we offer because we know that planning with your whole enterprise in mind with get you better outcomes, right now and for tomorrow.

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