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IT Security Consulting Services

  • Is your organisation cyber safe right now?

  • Would you know if your company was under cyber attack?

  • How long would it take for your team to notice if you were?

  • And would your people know what to do, and in what order?

  • How would you tell your customers that you had exposed their data?

  • Is your cyber security one size fits all?

  • Or is your protection and recovery tailored to your business?

  • What’s the difference between ‘phishing’ and ‘spear-phishing’?

If you or your team can’t answer some of these fundamental questions about your cyber safety, it’s time to review your IT security services.

Checking IT security Data

What are IT security services?

IT security services protect you and your business from threats from unauthorised parties to your business data. They provide monitoring of your digital environments, detect potential threats, alert you of any suspicious behaviour and automatically act to shut down attacks.

By assessing your business’ unique setup, IT security experts can create pre-emptive response plans against sophisticated attacks.

This ensures the integrity of confidential data and intellectual property, plus maintains the positive reputation of your business.

In this information data age, the threat of cyber attacks has increased from an "if" to a "when". The increasing amount of cyber cyber-crime that exploits business data for reputational or financial gain means there has never been a better time to increase the security of your digital assets and network.

Rather than wait until it’s too late, it’s important for your business to plan ahead to avoid paying IT security breach costs, and protect the reputation of your business for your customers.

How do IT security solutions benefit your business?

  • Ensuring strong IT security solutions in your business protects you and your business data from cyber attacks, threats, phishing, ransomware and viruses.
  • Having strong IT security policies and pre-emptive safeguards helps protect your business’ data and reputation as a trustworthy company to trade with.
  • Protecting your customers’ data through optimised IT security processes maintains the trust you have with your customers.
  • Having a backup and recovery plan for your sensitive business data lessens the threat of ransom from cyber attacks.

Introducing cyber security that protects more than just systems

No other cyber security offering in Australia will give you a commitment to safety that Asta will.

  • We offer specialised cyber protection that is highly strategic and industry-leading – for when you want to get serious about your safety

  • Our IT security assessments review your current systems including any third party apps or services that have access to any of your business data, and identify any vulnerabilities in your setup.

  • Asta’s IT security advisory services creates an action plan off the back of our assessments ensuring we understand how your people use your systems and where policies and procedures can be implemented to improve your defence against cyber attacks.

  • We completely customise our cyber security solutions to your organisation. We know every organisation is different and that one size does not fit all when it comes to protection and recovery.

  • Our cyber awareness training increases your business’ awareness and protection against the most commonly targeted area of your business, your people.

  • With our deep experience in delivering end-to-end managed IT services we have the set-up and know-how to secure organisations of any scale

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How We Offer IT Security for Your Business

When you want confidence in security solutions that protect your organisations business systems, data and online presence, Asta offers the option of single IT security solutions as well as a comprehensive IT security service package called Asta Safe.

Before we recommend the best IT security solution for you, we first get to know your business – so you get the right solution for your people and systems. You can expect our skilled and experienced team to work closely with you to uncover your business’ unique requirements which are scalable as well as reliable.

We want to understand your entire business so that we can make decisions quickly and increase the efficacy of your recovery.

You can be assured that the IT security solutions Asta offers have been tried and tested within, and will be optimised by our cybersecurity experts for your business once implemented.

Asta’s IT Security Services


How much have you invested in ensuring your employees are aware, educated, and safe?

Knowing that educated and aware employees will significantly reduce your risk of cyber security attack, we will design you a customised cyber security awareness and education service centred on people, not machines.

Explore our Complete Security Awareness Training Solution


Are you getting the right protection and ROI from existing products or services? Would you know if you weren’t?

Asta does the hard work for you by sourcing best-in-class technology providers so we can put together customised, efficient and highly effective security-stacks. Which we then monitor 24/7.

Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day.

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Are you tired of asking and answering the hard questions about data exposure and business continuity plans, downtime, and data loss?

When you partner with Asta for security and protection, you get more than just answers to hard data governance and contingency questions.

Talk to Us About Our Data Protection Services and IT Security Consultation


When you’re choosing a cyber security partner, you need experience and capabilities that you can rely on, day and night, all day, every day. Without an expert recovery partner, a bad situation can suddenly turn into a catastrophic event.

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Asta Safe

The unique Asta Safe bundle includes Cyber Awareness Training, Cyber Threat Detection, IT Data and Network Protection and Cyber Attack Recovery. This complete Cybersecurity solution is not offered by any other provider.

Our Asta Safe service offering is aligned with industry best practice. It meets the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s baseline Essential Eight – a prioritised list of mitigation strategies to assist organisations in protecting their systems against a range of adversaries.

We certify agreed levels of recovery and restoration to assure you that your business is looked after by the best. Asta is your IT Security Consulting Services partner and ally in cybersecurity.

The Asta Safe Certainty Promise

When Asta is responsible for your data backup and data recovery practices:

  • We can specifically protect your data, ensuring its safety, through our Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS).
  • With our data protection and backup service in place, you will be able to restore and recover your data more rapidly in the event of a system failure which could occur due to breach or attack.
  • We will calculate your maximum operational risk exposure in the event of a security breach, giving your business leaders tangible insights to use in decision making.
  • We will then assist your organisation in determining acceptable maximum levels of downtime and data loss should a cyber event occur.
  • We will give certainty that we can recover your systems and data within these agreed levels.
  • You’ll receive insights and monthly reports with benchmarks to mitigate your exposure risk and improve your guaranteed scores.
  • You’ll know that a cyber-attack will not lead to catastrophic consequences for your business.

Why you will be safer with Asta

One step ahead

In such a rapidly changing environment, you need cyber security specialists who keep you ahead of the threats. With Asta, you can expect a dedicated, expert team of diligent and innovative, next-gen thinkers to understand and continually upskill on what and how new threats exist.

Complete solutions and value

At Asta, we have a depth of cyber security expertise that will protect your business end-to-end. We offer complete solutions, not just single products and services. When you choose to become Asta Safe, you get education and awareness, protection, data security and recovery – plus our commitment that you’ll reach agreed restoration KPIs that no other security specialist will offer.

A trusted partner

Off-the-shelf protection isn’t nearly enough. Customised solutions designed by our expert IT security experts means meaningful, actionable and cyber security recommendations that will keep you ahead of the threats. We’re completely committed to understanding your unique enterprise and business needs; it’s one of the reasons we’re already the recognised and trusted IT managed services partner to leading organisations in Australia. Now we’re your business’ IT security consulting experts too.

Partnering with Asta

your cyber security specialist, means no questions go unanswered. At Asta, we deliver a full range of cyber security services, offering your business more than just off-the-shelf protection.

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