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Asta Safe complete solution

When you need more than security products and services

By partnering with Asta for all your cyber security requirements, we promise more than the standard protection you might find elsewhere. Asta Safe is your complete security solution, a consolidated, cost-effective package.

It gives you more than security products and services; you get an expert team working alongside you 24/7. We are relentlessly focused on our client’s safety – we are ready to support and protect your people, systems, data, and reputation.

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Asta Safe is Your Specialist, Customised
End-to-End Cyber Security Solution.

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Partnering with Asta for cyber security means no questions go unanswered. Professional, trusted and smart services keeping your business safe. Discover more about how we’ll keep you safe.

Why Asta Safe?

  • As an Asta Safe customer, you get innovative next-gen thinking, leading-edge technology, and a fully customised, streamlined solution. And we make sure that your solution is about more than just computers and systems.

  • An Asta Safe solution offers greater intelligence and insights than any stand-alone product or service can. Because we have the full view of your enterprise ecosystem, we can advise and protect you better. We include consolidated, detailed analytics and reporting so you can continuously work towards mitigating risks.

  • Little security hardware or software comes with ongoing support or monitoring. With Asta Safe you get the right products and the assurance and certainty that we are tracking and observing 24/7. And if something does go wrong, you get a person to talk to, not a program that pings at you.

  • Our Asta Safe service offering is aligned with industry best practice. It meets the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s baseline Essential Eight – a prioritised list of mitigation strategies to assist organisations in protecting their systems against a range of adversaries.

  • Educate, Protect and Recover with Asta and we also include our Secure service, with the Asta Safe Certainty Promise. We certify agreed levels of recovery so that you can be confident in your decision to be Asta Safe. We provide you maximum exposure KPIs for your levels of data loss or system down time in a worst-case scenario.

More than Safe. Asta Safe.

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