IT Health Check

Our team will assess and review the current state of your IT infrastructure to ensure your combination of hardware, software, networks, security, governance and technology meet the needs of your business, not only for today, but for the future.

Discussion on Emerging Technology

What happens in an IT Health Check?

An Asta IT Health Check reviews your systems’ cyber security, speed, accessibility and interoperability to gather insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your business’ setup.

This will present opportunities for your IT systems to optimise your business’ workflow which we will present to you in a recommendations report.

Asta's IT Health Check has Three Stages:




Discovery and Audit


Review and Analysis


    with Roadmap

Stage One: Discovery and Audit

During the discovery phase we’ll review your business’:


  • Network Infrastructure

  • Server Specifications

  • Back Up Infrastructure

  • Cyber Security Infrastructure and Products

  • Cloud Infrastructure and Maturity

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • Local Networks

  • Remote Access

  • Monitoring and Alerts

  • Governance and Policies

  • Strategy and Direction

  • Business Continuity Measures

  • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

We then engage with you to understand any concerns or future goals you have that rely on certain technologies.

Stage Two: Review and Analysis

  • After we’ve gathered detailed information about your current state, we review and analyse your business situation. We have an experienced team of technical and business experts who have a range of specialist skills—from cloud management, cyber security protection and recovery, IT infrastructure experts, hardware and licensing experts and emerging technology experts.

  • We use the experience of over 25 years of end-to-end IT management to review your business and use a future lens to analyse the requirements you will need moving forward.

  • We then create a thorough list of solutions that are customised for your business and goals. You’ll get an independent review that looks at both the day-to-day and operational aspects of your business as well as big picture strategic considerations.

Stage Three: Recommendations and Roadmap

We’ll present our findings and gap analysis with a recommendations list and how these will fill the gaps in your business systems. This will be followed by a roadmap of next steps that will not only support the current state of your business, but be able to technologically support the future goals of your business. This includes but is not limited to recommendations for taking advantage of emerging technology, updating cyber security, opportunities for bespoke development and infrastructure upgrades.


Discussing Web Portal and Site Integrations

The Asta Difference

The Asta IT Health Check process has been helping businesses for over two decades – it’s how many of our clients came to join us. Asta focuses on making sure your business systems, data and people are safe and secure. We ensure you will have the right data protection, back-up and recovery in place so your business operations can run smoothly both internally and client facing.

Our expert team brings highly specialised skills, backed by our experience as an end-to-end IT provider. When you need a partner you can trust to independently review, analyse and advise you on how to improve and protect your IT—and your business—we’re a partner which hundreds of Australian businesses already rely on.

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