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dApps (Decentralised applications)

A decentralised application or ‘dApp’ is just like a normal app but instead of having a backend code running on a centralised server, the dApps backend code is a smart contract run on a decentralised network.


Getting to know dApps

There are some huge advantages to creating your next app using smart contract technology. The apps of the future, in a fast moving, highly digitalised world, need to be trusted and secure – and that’s where blockchain comes in. dApps are based on a peer-to-peer networks and developed on a blockchain, which makes these future-ready apps some of the safest and most secure ever developed.

Transparent, resilient and completely decentralised – therefore unhackable, we’re well placed to help you explore this emerging technology to benefit your business.


App security, no down-time

Because the app is on the blockchain it can’t be ‘taken down’ by malicious threats


Increased privacy

Users of the app don’t need to be identified – providing greater privacy and protection of personal information



Data integrity and truth

Data can’t be tampered with – ever, and because of blockchain the data is also indisputable.


Autonomous and open source

Because there is no single ‘owner’ of a dApp, (it’s open source and autonomous) decisions for improvements are based on consensus – achieving better apps.


The Asta blockchain difference


We’ve been exploring, utilising, sharing and advocating emerging technology in Australia for many years. We believe new tech, like blockchain, smart contracts and decentralised app development will empower Australian businesses to exploit new opportunities and be globally competitive. Decentralised apps are already causing change globally, and we’re determined to make sure local businesses have access to, and utilise, this innovative new technology to transform and evolve.


We’ve been a trusted IT services provider for over 20 years, but with our know-how and experience in emerging technology—we’re now also your expert smart contract and dApp development partner as well.


Talk to us about our cryptocurrency services today

If you’re ready to explore how using blockchain technology for your next app development can benefit you, it’s time to talk to a trusted expert. We’ll give you the advice you need, set up your strategy and architecture and ensure your decentralised app project is successful from start to finish – and beyond.