True visibility of your organisation for incredible peace of mind

Monitoring your business for malicious threats or attacks is a crucial part of security service offerings. But as with most things, there’s monitoring and then there’s ‘monitoring – with more’. Asta’s partnership with Darktrace Australia gives you just that. Smarter, faster, more customised, more cutting edge and more effective monitoring, that’s safer by far.

An excellent way to consider security monitoring services is by thinking about securing a physical business premises. Would you protect your assets with a great security team that could only monitor your building, offices or equipment by peering through its windows or doors? They’d see the threat inside, then contact you to report any intruders, losing valuable time and opening up to huge risk.

Or would you want a security team that works from inside your building, constantly sweeping through every inch of space 24/7? When a breach is identified from the inside, that team have the ability to resolve the threat right then and there because they know exactly where it is, what it means and how to stop it, immediately.


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If you want cyber security monitoring from the inside, the ultimate solution is Darktrace’s world-leading artificial intelligence technology. But when you want more, get it backed up by Asta’s 21-years of real-world user environments knowledge and experience.

The Asta security difference

Asta offers a wide range of security solutions to protect your business data, systems and people. We can offer you the right solution – with more. Whether you need consulting expertise to identify potential risks or threats in your business, or a full-stack of security products, education and training for your team or greater confidence in your governance processes, Asta has the team to support you. We’ll offer you highly tailored and customised expert advice, products, packages and solutions so when a cyber incident occurs you can be confident in what happens right now, and what happens next.

Monitoring, tracking and resolving threats – smarter and faster.

Our partnership with Darktrace allows the Asta security team access to all the data available within the Darktrace platform, presented through a single custom-built interface. This gives us the ability for rapid customised exporting, integration and orchestration of the Darktrace data directly. Our security analysts can then effectively triage alerts within a single environment, without having to support separate access to individual alerting tools. Where other security service provides can only manage and report the threat, Asta does more by using our true visibility across your environment for a practical and contextualised understanding to threat management.

  • Asta security analysts will triage alerts within your environment and resolve threats proactively
  • We offer 24/7 monitoring and tracking and record metrics around alerts and investigations
  • We then correlate alerts with additional information for detection and efficacy gains
  • We provide account management and reporting that gives you context to Darktrace alerts for other security technologies which bolsters your cyber defense




Your trusted full-service IT partner – now providing you access to the best security technology in the world.