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Managed IT Security Services

If you’re looking for more than just a technical service provider for your cloud, networks, business continuity planning and infrastructure management, we’re here to back you—as a trusted partner.

Expert technical and business skills backed by two decades of experience

Managed IT services mean you can get back to focusing on growing your business, while we handle your technology, systems and IT services.

We believe that by supporting businesses with smart IT services and solutions that we’re playing a vital part in developing strong industries. For 23 years we’ve been standing behind, and beside Australian businesses, powering, innovating and supporting technology for today, with tomorrow in mind.

End-to-end enterprise support

Before we recommend a service or solution for your business, we first get to know you—so you get the right solution from the start, not an all-purpose one that needs to be constantly changed. You can expect our skilled and experienced team to work closely with your team to uncover your unique requirements for our wide range of managed IT offerings.

Managed cloud services

Including infrastructure and application support, our cloud experts will help you optimise your cloud, cut cloud costs and manage your cloud more efficiently.

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery (BCP/DR)

We’ll make sure your essential business functions will continue to operate during and after a disaster. We’ve got the experience of two decades of managing enterprise IT to get you the right framework.

Hybrid infrastructure

Ensuring peak performance of your servers, storage and networks through expert monitoring and analysis, we’ll make sure your enterprise is operating at its peak. We can advise what combination of on-premise and cloud services are the right fit for you.

Managed network services

Fully managed end-to-end network infrastructure and services solutions for businesses of any size. We’ll help simply your network and then improve its performance and operations, reducing complexity and streamlining.

ICT as a Service

We’ll provide advice about which services your business needs and the best way to get the support you need. Our focus is on enterprise level solutions that will help you innovate, respond and remain flexible.

The Asta managed IT difference

Over 23 years ago, the story of our start-up as a managed IT services company began. Over two decades we’ve transformed into more than just a business that delivers IT services to others. We embrace emerging technology and firmly believe in the opportunities that powerful innovation brings to businesses. But at our core, our managed IT services is a fundamental part of who we are and why we still do what we do—every day.

Our difference has always been our relentless focus on our customers. Delivering results and value, finding the little things that have a big impact, and putting people first—rather than systems, data or machines.

Our focus is on tailored, customised services and solutions that are the right fit, not just ‘any’ fit. That doesn’t always mean you need the best, most expensive solution, you just need the fit that’s right for your whole business today, with tomorrow clearly in view.