Blockchain Solutions

We work with our clients to develop use cases for real world Blockchain solutions

We will work with you to understand the business model and advise you on the Blockchain possibilities and benefits. Our team can take you from ideation, and design all the way to product development.

We are an End-to-End Blockchain solution provider capable of delivering solutions across globally.


Our Services

We work with our clients to develop use cases for real world Blockchain solutions

End-to-End Blockchain Services

With a strategic focus on delivering a successful ICO, Asta will provide total project management and include token structuring and modelling, product and market advice, whitepaper development and technical code audits including roadmap development.

We can facilitate introductions to investors for ICOs from seed funding, private sale, to pre-sale and public sale level.

Asta’s social media management 24/7 to the right channels to achieve maximum exposure has been successful in launching websites, mobile apps and ICOs.

We have been doing this expertly for more than 5 years.

We are a passionate, technology-driven team that takes pride in our work. If we are not happy with the outcome, we don’t expect you to be. Our development goes hand-in-hand with our design and our projects end up being a seamless mix of the expertise that has gone into them.

Asta specialises in iPhone, Android, Windows, iPad and Tablet Apps and has recently delved into the world of virtual reality.


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