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Not only do we strive for growth as a company, we encourage our clients to grow with us. We help them do so by providing them with innovative technologies, infrastructure and customer software development solutions.

What sort of clients do we serve? 

Asta provides services to companies Australia and New Zealand wide, across all industries. Our clients come to us through our networks and through referrals. They share and understand our values and are looking to get the most out of their IT from someone they trust. They value our honest advice and consultative approach. We are true business partners.


Why do they choose Asta?

Asta stands out from others by living our values, being transparent and delivering on our promises. We offer value-based pricing and align our solutions with our clients’ needs. Our clients come first. We’ll never pitch something to a client that they don’t need or that we cannot deliver.


Why do they stay with us? 

We exceed their expectations, meet deadlines and become their trusted partners. We often get great feedback on our accountability and responsiveness. 

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