How We're Solving Industry Wide Problems Using Emerging Tech


‘Emerging tech’ has many buzzwords surrounding it. Fintech, insurtech, regtech, medtech… each with various levels of customer demand, funding, business requirements and startups to meet the need for innovation.

The similarity behind all these, is the need to develop, setup, install and maintain these new technologies, linking with any required hardware, (especially in the case for medical technology), being compatible with current systems and having the ability to scale for mass uptake.

Some of the emerging technologies providing disruption opportunities over the past few years include artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), leveraging data collection, automation, information storage and distribution, linking the physical with the digital, data visualisation, automation and more.

Asta helps you take advantage of the best Web2 and Web3 have to Offer

When it comes to Asta, we build and integrate systems with emerging technologies every day. Our fit-for-purpose solutions and commitment to advancing businesses through powerful IT means we not only develop software using current digital technology but enable businesses to leverage emerging technology too.

However, we don’t believe in adding emerging technologies like blockchain or AI into your software unless they are appropriate for meeting the needs of the software or business. We ensure we gain a deep understanding of the product needs and business overall so we can advise on whether the emerging technology is the best solution. This prevents the need for any excessive maintenance or required resources to keep the software running. It also ensures we aren’t just complicating your business systems, so you can keep operating your business in the most efficient way possible.

Solving Problems with Emerging Technologies

Along with Asta’s IT consulting, cybersecurity, and managed IT services, we are known for our Web3 technology and development, offering services such as blockchain setup, digital currency management, NFT creation and smart contract development.

Some of the industries we’ve been involved in developing technology solutions for include:

  • Supply Chain – using blockchain for tracking provenance, shipping, and inventory management
  • Finance – creating digital currency exchange for both public and private use
  • Insurance – developing a decentralised app (dApp) to facilitate decentralized insurance transactions
  • Art and Design – managing and maintaining digital art marketplaces, including AR and VR capabilities
  • Industrial – providing digital twin solutions for precious metals trading
  • Legal and Professional Services – Ensuring copyright material can’t be disputed by using blockchain and NFT technology
  • Science and Environmental – collecting real-time data visualisation from smart devices and to improve the ease and usability of data interpretation

There are many more industries that could benefit from emerging technologies like blockchain, AI and IoT. Solutions will continue to evolve in popularity as the possibilities of the tech are explored and communicated to the public.

This could mean faster and more trustworthy insurance transactions, collecting vital information about climate change from IoT devices and sensors, automating menial warehousing tasks in logistics, paying artists for their work, and providing financial solutions to users rather than the big, centralised banks.

The possibilities for industry-wide disruption start with the innovators looking for ways to improve the quality of their work, save time and reduce errors.

Delivering Web3 Technologies

Asta has been developing emerging tech solutions for over five years. We navigate our clients through options and scope solutions to find the best outcome for the software they want. This could include a combination of emerging and current technologies, and with over 23 years of IT and technology experience, we have a deep understanding of how technology solutions best integrate.

Our blockchain as a service (BaaS) provides businesses with a customised blockchain network that is developed, hosted, and maintained by our experts. We also manage private blockchains for customised use in supply chain, agriculture, pharmacy and more, regardless of the need for a digital currency alongside it.

Our digital currency management ensures the smart contracts and payment gateway solution continues to support businesses for a decentralised, digital financial future.

We can also create integrations with blockchain apps, write smart contracts into your current applications and provide NFT solutions to support your business innovation. 

We are constantly building, scoping, innovating and designing, bringing businesses into the future with emerging technology. The only question left is – when is it your industry’s turn?

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