What We've Learnt About Managed IT and Technology over 23 Years


Asta was founded in 1999 by a 26-year old computer science graduate, Bill Angelidis. He wanted to start an IT company that helped people buy and choose technology that was fit for purpose, starting with a focus on Managed IT Services.

The term ‘managed IT services’ is often used in IT companies, but with technology ever-evolving, exactly which ‘managed IT services’ are offered by each company may be different.

Generally, managed IT services allow you to focus on growing your business while companies like Asta, handle your technology, systems, and IT to best optimise your business operations.

Asta’s managed IT Services include:

Asta’s first client was Earnest Hillier’s Chocolate in Australia, who wanted to buy a new system and needed further help with the implementation and support system. Bill and the small Asta team gave them consulting advice, reviewed their current systems and provided them the support services they needed. Going above and beyond to ensure our client get exactly what they need and not just what they ask for has been a core part of how Asta delivers IT and technology solutions to this day.

One of Asta’s first large clients was Olympus Australia, which started from a young Asta technician fixing a printer in 2004, and going the extra mile to do a test of the printer system. Having identified and fixed a bug, meant time-sensitive and vital Olympus Australia business reports could be printed in time. Asta were offered the deal with Olympus Australia a month later thanks to our attention to detail. We continued to expand our service offerings to include IT network setup, management and delivery, along with hardware consulting, procurement and asset management to help other businesses with their printers, computers, networks and more.

As the internet continued to evolve and business data became vulnerable to attacks, Asta expanded services again to include cybersecurity services, and from monitoring websites and optimising backend processes came our development capabilities. Asta continues to stay on top of evolving technology and from 2017 added blockchain, emerging technology services and consulting off the back of 20 years in business.

Being a technology company that has been closely involved with the development and implementation of technology over 23 years means we understand consequences, ease of use and how systems all the way from 1999 to today can be upgraded, integrated, and optimised to best suit businesses and organisations. We also know whether the latest technology is really the best for your business, and the other options out there.

For over 23 years, we’ve integrated our values into what we do every day, advising, offering, and delivering the best and most convenient service to our customers based on relationships rather quick sales. We understand the importance of word-of-mouth and trust in forming relationships and it is how we’ve grown and evolved as a company.

“You should always be in people’s minds because of the good things you have done and are consistently doing. When people need something, they always go to what they know and who they trust – it’s what’s easiest,” says Bill.

Bill emphasises the importance of work ethic and being the solution for people, which has been a key to success in Asta’s growth in a highly competitive industry.

We are proud of what we provide our clients and how we have evolved through the years. Asta is known as a team-focused company who is passionate about creating new opportunities for people who enjoy working collaboratively and thrive in our culture of growth and development. We continue to build strong relationships by putting people at the heart of everything we do, along with our expertise across multiple industries, constant innovation and ability to keep up with the evolving technology.

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