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CopyrightBank is a copyright registration and verification platform for digital works powered by Blockchain. The vision of CopyrightBank is to promote originality by protecting the exclusive rights of authors and inventors for all documented and digital works powered and protected by Blockchain technology.

CopyrightBank is an extremely cost effective way for original content providers register their any form of digital work such as a videos, films, documents and sound recordings.   It costs 1 token to register a digital file and 1 token if you ever need to have the file verified.  Each token is currently at $1 USD.

  • Original content providers have the ability to upload a file that then becomes digitally fingerprinted, time stamped and registered on the NEM Blockchain.  Each file receives a unique cryptographic snapshot called a transaction hash identifier to blockchain.
  • One registered, a Certificate of Registration is issued recording the details of the registration. This valuable evidence provides verifiable proof of the date and content of your work.
  • When required, the file can be verified. That way if a dispute arises and the author ever needs to prove ownership they are able to provide additional evidence to help their ownership claim. Certificate of Verification is generated verifying the file.
  • As it is powered by Blockchain technology, we ensure that you have the very best evidence to support your rights and that it's available when you need it.


Beef Ledger

BeefLedger is an integrated provenance, blockchain security and payments platform for the meat supply chain. With food quality, safety and fraud being a real issue in countries such as China, BeefLedger delivers peace of mind as it provides consumers, producers, processors and regulators with immutable chain of data from the farm to plate.

Consumers in particular want to be assured the meat they are purchasing and consuming has been accessed legitimately and is of the quality that it is purported to be. This means knowing where the meat was farmed, how it was slaughtered, processed, packaged, transported and delivered to them.

The BeefLedger platform delivers six core outcomes. These are:

  • Confidence in beef provenance
  • Increased brand value and supply chain profitability
  • Streamlined payments and secure cash flow stability
  • Mitigation of meat fraud risk and increased bio-security transparency
  • Feedback to producers to drive continuous improvement
  • Transparency on impact credentials in areas such as ecological, social and economic impacts.


Day by Day (DBD)

DBD (Day-by-Day) is an asset registry management solution built on the blockchain, targeting the insurance industry. Its aims to help its member’s catalogue and register their assets and valuables so that when they need to make a claim they are able to easily prove ownership. DBD will also partner with insurance companies, to drive new product solutions by connecting insurance seekers with insurance provide. The DBD service offering is currently in development.

DBD Vision

The DBD vision is to create a unique global model that connects members with insurance providers across a wide range of offerings.  Allowing members to safely and securely catalogue and register their assets and valuables that empowers and rewards the customer.

What makes DBD unique?

  • DBD promotes the cataloguing and registering of user assets and valuables, allowing its members to easily prove ownership of their items, enabling claims to be resolved quickly.
  • Members will be rewarded with DBD tokens for registering their data and making it available for direct marketing.
  • Facilitating and driving new product innovation with insurance providers to offer dynamic adjusted policies, providing insurance on the go or on a ‘day by day’ basis.
  • Delivers an insurance marketplace, where customers can be connected with insurance providers for real time quotes.

The DBD team is committed to driving product innovation in the insurance landscape based on the needs of its members seeking flexibility with their insurance coverage.



Exciting development that delivers reliable, unbiased market insights to those seeking a better understanding on a cryptocurrency, ICO or blockchain project. This is achieved by leveraging the power of big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

WatermelonBlock uses IBM’s supercomputer Watson to perform sentiment analysis on new blockchain projects, analysing the multitude of social media communication mediums amongst experts, influencers and the general public to determine the potential success of a blockchain, ICO or cryptocurrency project. 

As part of its Phase I implementation, WatermelonBlock will provide actionable insights in real time while making the whole investing and trading process simple, easy, reliable and trustworthy. This will be done with the help of proprietary algorithms and the robust, scalable processing power of IBM Watson AI.

WatermelonBlock’s phase II implementation, targeted to be launched in the third quarter of 2019, intends to analyse information which would take human minds hundreds and thousands of hours to process. This makes the process faster, more efficient and accurate using AI and machine learning that factor in behavioural finance and economic methods of analysis. WatermelonBlock will be able to cleverly analyse market sentiment by combining technical and social big data sets. Utilizing the efficacy of AI, WatermelonBlock will not be vulnerable to the biases of any particular investor, group or strategy.

Asta is leading the blockchain development charge with WatermelonBlock and IBM.



Launched in July 2017, Marketaonline.com is an online transaction platform that facilitates cryptocurrency payments for goods and services. The Marketa team is dedicated to the crypto cause and passionate about cryptocurrencies gaining traction as a payment option. The site accepts multiple cryptocurrencies as payment such as BTC, ETH, XEM, XRP, LTC, PPC and XMR.

Marketaonline.com is live and functional as a cryptocurrency transaction platform facilitating the purchases of e-Gift Cards. Additional product and services will be incorporated and added intermittently on the Marketaonline site.

The forward-thinking Marketa team are looking into the future with a mission to be one step ahead in providing solutions that benefit all of the crypto community.


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