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Swisstec Health Analytics partners with Asta

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17 July 2018: Swisstec Health Analytics partners with Asta

Swisstec Health Analytics Ltd today announced that it has signed a strategic partnership with Asta Solutions Pty Ltd, which will deliver innovative and complete end-to-end IT solutions for technology integration and services to hospitals and clinics. Both companies have been working together over the past 8 months to enable healthcare providers and consumers to own, access and share data without boundaries; a partnership which will transform radiologist workflow and allow delivery of Asta’s revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) algorithms and technology to the growing needs of the fastest growing healthcare market, China and SE Asia - “Digitising Communities for Better Health”.

Bill Angelidis, Asta CEO said “We are excited to announce Asta’s strategic partnership with Swisstec Health as it provides access to deliver our suite of IT services into a fast growing emerging market; in addition, Asta will be well positioned to capitalise on further opportunities in the region as we expand our business.”

Partnership will facilitate;

  • Digitisation of hospitals
  • Patients access to records and doctors online
  • Platform for patient and doctor interaction
  • Develop and distributing AI into China and South East Asia

Asta with Swisstec Health Analytics will deliver holistic end-to-end IT Solutions, anywhere, anytime.

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